Laying requirements for brass strip

Brass strip in order to meet the requirements of high frequency protection, at the same time, but also in order to balance the voltage of the power grid, reduce the voltage difference, reduce the resistance of the power grid loop, we need to secondary equipment special grounding copper bar laying.

When laying the switch field, first of all, to support the 100 square millimeter copper row with insulators on the bracket in the cable trench, the beginning and end of the brass strip should be connected to form a copper row ring network, the copper row ring network should be able to cover all the control protection cabinet connected with disposable electrical equipment.

And the protection screen is to use a small grounding brass strip, the copper bar can not be less than 30 square millimeters, but also with insulated wire connected with the copper bar, in order to ensure the safety of the power system, control protection cabinet in the small grounding bar should also be connected with the main power grid.

Second, it is important to note that both copper or brass band, their connection to use greater than or equal to 150 mm² squared insulation wire, cable shaft installed in the ground to be connected to the grid point, at the same time level should strengthen the supervision of the ground and ensure its resistance is controlled in a certain range, joint and tin plating processing, This ensures that the contact resistance is reduced.

Manufacturers through the brass strip processing very thin, so as to save copper consumption, improve the flow, there is a certain rationality in technology. Dense busbar products in the copper row closely stacked, there is no air gap between the brass strip, more conducive to the heat dissipation of the copper row, in the same specification conditions, than bare laid in the air when the copper row load flow is larger. At present, there is no standard for the carrying capacity of copper bars of various specifications used in dense busbar grooves, which objectively makes it difficult to check whether the core materials of busbar products are sufficient.

Post time: Sep-20-2022