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Buck’s main products are copper and copper alloy sheets, strips, foils, rods, wires, pipes and special-shaped copper materials products, composite materials, high-tech materials and so on. Copper products with complete in grade, numerous in variety, wide range in specifications  and high technical standards are widely used in power facilities, electronic information, automobiles, machinery, ships, aerospace and major equipment and other fields.

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  • Hotel decoration

    Hotel decoration

    The copper material requires very careful work from the initial grinding to the finished product, as well as the color matching in the later stage. It is precisely because of this kind of meticulous work that the decoration will appear noble.
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  • Copper door, Copper ceiling

    Copper door, Copper ceiling

    From the overall tone, the building as a whole gives a solemn and stable feeling. The overall feel is gorgeous. The colors are gorgeous, rich and calm yet elegant, and the simplicity contains new ideas.
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  • Copper tube case

    Copper tube case

    As a decorative material, copper has a series of aesthetic properties such as high strength, beautiful appearance, strong durability, fire resistance, time-saving maintenance, easy deformation, convenient installation, and recyclability.
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  • Copper-Tube-Refrigeration-Copper-Tube-Air-Conditio1

    The advantage of copper tube


    1. Safe and reliable: copper tube integrates the advantages of metal pipe and non-metal pipe. It is harder than plastic pipe, with the high strength of general metal (cold drawn copper pipe strength and the same wall thickness of steel pipe); It is more flexible than ordinary metals, good toughne...

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    Carving brass sheet chemical polish use method and matters needing attention


    Compared with mechanical polishing and electrochemical polishing, chemical polishing of brass does not need electricity and hanging tools. Therefore, it can polish the carved brass sheet with complex shape, and the production efficiency is high. The bright surface is obtained by chemical polishin...

  • Manufacturers-Sell-Brass-Band-Bendable-High-Qualit4

    Milling surface quality of brass strip hot rolling process


    The hot rolling process of brass strip is the first process of semi-continuous ingot heating, hot rolling and cold rolling, and it is also the key process of strip surface quality control. In the heating stage, the atmosphere in the furnace, the temperature, the heating time and the quality of co...

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