Copper-nickel-zinc Alloy

  • Copper-nickel-zinc Alloy Tube

    Copper-nickel-zinc Alloy Tube

    Introduction The copper-nickel-zinc alloy pipe has good machinability. After adding nickel, it has a beautiful silver-gray luster and good corrosion resistance. It is an excellent metal for chrome, nickel and silver plating. Products Application Applied to all kinds of springs, telephone equipment joints, resist...
  • Copper-nickel-zinc Alloy Wire

    Copper-nickel-zinc Alloy Wire

    Introduction The copper-nickel-zinc alloy wire has good formability and can be reprocessed into other shapes for subsequent use. At the same time, the appearance of this alloy is silvery white, which has a high aesthetic effect, and its own corrosion resistance and discoloration resistance can make it stably maintain the appearance of the original color during use. Products ...
  • Copper-nickel-zinc Alloy Rod

    Copper-nickel-zinc Alloy Rod

    Introduction A copper-nickel-zinc alloy rod is a nickel-containing copper alloy, often containing zinc, also known as nickel silver, German silver, new silver, nickel brass, Albata, or gold bars. Nickel silver is named for its silvery appearance, but unless electroplated, Otherwise free of elemental silver. Products ...
  • Copper-nickel-zinc Alloy Foil

    Copper-nickel-zinc Alloy Foil

    Introduction Copper-nickel-zinc alloy foil has beautiful luster, good cold workability, ductility, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high elasticity, electronic and mechanical properties, shielding properties. Products Application Widely used to make structure which works in damp and corrosion medium, el...
  • Copper-nickel-zinc Alloy Strip

    Copper-nickel-zinc Alloy Strip

    Introduction Nickel Silver Alloys, also called copper-nickel-zinc Alloy Strip, 65-15-20 respectively, which has good formability, good corrosion and tarnish-resistance performance, and this alloy has the pleasing silver-like color. Products Application Widely used in the manufacture of structural parts, elastic ...
  • Copper-nickel-zinc Alloy Sheet

    Copper-nickel-zinc Alloy Sheet

    Introduction The raw material of copper-nickel-zinc alloy plate is copper-nickel-zinc alloy, also known as nickel-silver, which has corrosion resistance and good processing performance.The appearance and color of the finished alloy product look very close to silver, and it is a commonly used base material for galvanized silver plating and other products. Products ...