Application and chemical polishing treatment of brass sheet

Brass can be processed into brass sheet, brass wire, etc., is applied to every corner of life. First, it can be used in the HNA industry. Because brass plate whether in cold or hot state, have very good processing performance. So it is widely used in the parts processing of some Marine equipment such as ships. Can be made into parts or conduits that need to be used at high temperatures.

Secondly, it can also be made into rivet nuts and so on, some parts that need to be stressed. Because the brass sheet is not easy to deformation after processing, also not easy to be corroded. These are exactly the properties required for some stressed parts. In addition, brass plates can also be made into a variety of crafts. Like a pot or a plate or some statue or something. Because brass is cheap, it’s beautiful, and it doesn’t deform easily.

Chemical polishing of brass is an environmentally friendly polishing process on the surface of brass sheet. Generally, it is polished with three acids, and the specific brightness can be adjusted according to requirements.

1. It is not allowed to operate with water in the polishing process, because the operation with water will affect the polishing quality. The stock solution should be operated at room temperature and ventilated place.

2. the copper plate immersed in copper polishing liquid, about 2-3 minutes after the removal, and immediately put into clear water for sufficient washing, the liquid medicine on the brass sheet washed.

3. After polishing and cleaning the brass plate, you can enter the next process, such as spraying and passivation. In order to prevent the copper workpiece from changing color again, the copper plate should be air-dried and passivated.

In the polishing process, if it is found that the gloss of brass carving plate does not meet the requirements, a small amount of long-acting additives should be added to the polishing fluid. When the color of brass sheet polishing liquid is dark green, if the addition of long-acting additives still does not meet the requirements, polishing agent should be replaced for polishing.

Post time: Sep-15-2022